About Us

About Us

Founded in 1961, the St George Historical Society is dedicated to promoting and conserving the history of the St George District of New South Wales, Australia, for the benefit of our members, affiliated societies and the broader community.

The Society presents an active program of events, publishes the Our History magazine, maintains a library and museum collections, provides research services and hosts exhibitions in the New South Wales State Heritage-listed, Lydham Hall Historic House and Museum.

The Society, a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, is governed according to our Constitution. It is managed by the SGHS Committee and supported by Bayside Council

The Society objectives are:

  1. Encourage the study of Australian History particularly that relating to the St George District.
  2. Promote the compilation of Australian history.
  3. Undertake the collection of books, records, manuscripts and relics considered to have a bearing on the history of the St George District.
  4. Use its influence to secure the preservation of places of historic interest.
  5. Foster the interchange of information among members of the Society by lectures, readings, discussions and exhibitions of historical interest or value.
  6. Print, publish and circulate such journals, periodicals, books and other literary publications and undertakings as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the Society.
  7. Establish branches wherever and whenever considered advisable.
  8. Affiliate or co-operate with other societies institutions having objects similar to those of Society.
  9. Conduct excursions to places of historical interest and promote other social functions.
  10. Carry out such activities as the Society may from time to time determine.

The Society welcomes visitors to attend our events, visit Lydham Hall, correspond regarding local history research, and apply for membership.