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What’s On

Annual General Meeting

Meeting postponed due to Lockdown
Rockdale Senior Citizens Centre, 36 George St, Rockdale (map)

The Annual General meeting (AGM) is an important event for the St George Historical Society Inc (SGHS). It is an essential requirement for incorporated organisations. The AGM gives members, the local community, the general public, and the committee a broad overview of SGHS’s current direction, financial health, and confirms its purpose.
It is also the time to revitalise the SGHS through the official selection of members into committee positions.

Our society was founded in 1961. For over 60 years, our mission is the promotion and conservation of the history of the St George District.

Volunteering as a SGHS committee member is a great way to get involved in our mission and contribute to your local community.

The Committee for 2021-2022 will be elected during the AGM. To nominate To nominate for a position, visit the Contact page. All nominations will be voted upon by members.

SGHS Committee positions:

  • President: Provides leadership, coordinates the activities, delegates authority for specific tasks and speaks represents the group. Chairs committee meetings and works with the secretary regarding preparation of the agenda. The President builds links with the local community, local government and other history groups.

  • Vice-President: supports the President by keeping fully up to date with the affairs of the group and deputizes for President’s role as required.

  • Secretary: oversees the administration and record keeping of the SGHS by managing all documentation, including correspondence, minutes and preparing for meetings.

  • Treasurer: handles, records and reports on income and expenditure, cash flow, bank accounts and advises on finances. The treasurer is responsible for paying bills, banking and petty cash. The treasurer prepares the annual budget and is responsible for making sure financial reports are available to the society.

  • Magazine Editor: publishes a regular newsletter for members with local history news, events, research, and article submissions from members and the general public.

  • Research Officer: assist with information and guidance for local history research queries submitted during meetings or via the SGHS website.

  • Public Officer: is the main point of contact between the organisation and NSW Fair Trading.

  • Lydham Hall Committee

  • Publicity Officer: promotes the society by liaising with local media, and seeks out all opportunities to promote the society within the community.

  • General Committee: support and contribute to committee discussions and decisions.

  • Auditor: examines the finances of the SGHS to a report (to accompany the financial statements) which states whether:

  • - SGHS has complied with relevant legislation, accounting standards and the corporations regulations;

    - The financial statements show a true and fair view of the financial result of fundraising appeals conducted during the year;

    - Records were properly kept;

    - All fundraising monies collected have been properly accounted for; and

    - The financial viability of the SGHS and ability to pay its debts.

We hope to serve coffee, tea and even bikkies in a COVID-safe manner.

Our usual COVID rules apply: sign on with name and phone number, socially distanced seating, cleaning surfaces after the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Previous Meetings
Saturday 19 June 2021 2pm at Rockdale Senior Citizens Centre, 36 George St, Rockdale
Guest Speakers:
Tina Workman - What's Happening at Lydham Hall?
Dr. Garry Darby - Kogarah Historical Society's Local History Prize
Saturday 15 May 2021 2pm at Rockdale Senior Citizens Centre, 36 George St, Rockdale
Guest Speaker: Dr. Greg Jackson, Archaeologist and volunteer with the Australian National Maritime Museum: North Head Quarantine Station
From the early 19th century, arrivals to Australia who were suspected of having an infectious disease, were held in quarantine until it was considered safe to release them. What was it like to be in quarantine? Exploring the history and archaeology of Sydney’s North Head Quarantine Station will answer this question.
Saturday 20 Feb 2021 2pm at Rockdale Senior Citizens Centre, 36 George St, Rockdale
Guest Speaker: Kieren Hannon: The Cato Street Conspirators
In 1820 these English radicals intended to kill the British Prime Minister and members of the cabinet to inspire an uprising. There was an informer in their midst and their plan was thwarted.
The conspirators who were not executed for treason were banished to Australia. Kieren has studied the subject intensively and followed what happened to those who were exiled.