New Logo and Magazine Archive

New SGHS Logo

During our November meeting, members unanimously approved a new logo designed by Tina Workman.

The striking image at the centre of the logo is of the legend of Saint George and the Dragon. It represents our connection to the St George District.

Magazine Archive

Our society has published a regular newsletter/bulletin/magazine since 1961. Over 440 editions have been produced.

Fred Scott has digitised each edition. The process requires considerable effort to scan each page. The volunteers and staff at the Internet Archive apply a similar process to build their digital library. A video of the process shows the careful effort to build this valuable resource.

Browse the St George Historical Society magazine archive.

Many Thanks to Tina Workman and Fred Scott!

2 Replies to “New Logo and Magazine Archive”

  1. Thankyou ,Tina and Fred . The past journals now provide a wonderful historical record . Congratulations to both of you . Ron will be looking down from above acknowledging you both . and more importantly , thanking you for this huge effort.h

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