Nominations for Election of Office Holders – July 2023 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the St George Historical Society will be held on Saturday 16th July 2023 at 2pm at Level 3, Rockdale Library.

All office holder positions are empty at the time of the AGM.
Nominations for positions are to be issued to Secretary no later than 7 days before the AGM.
Nominations will also be taken from the meeting floor at the time of the AGM.

Office Bearers to be elected

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
Committee Members
  • Curator
  • Librarian
  • Lydham Hall Management Committee (up to 4 positions)*
  • Lydham Hall Sub Committee
  • Magazine Co-ordinator
  • Public Officer
  • Publicity Officer
  • Research Officer

Office Holder Nomination Form

Position Descriptions

  • President The President is the administrative head of the Society and directs its affairs subject to the control of the Committee. He or she is a member of all sub-committees and shall chair all Meetings of the Society.
  • Vice president The Vice-President acts as a consultant to the President and shall take the place of the President during his or her absence.
  • Secretary The Secretary is the executive officer of the Society and custodian of its records, keeping minutes of the Society and Committee, conduct correspondence, act as liaison officer with officers of other associations.
  • Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for the recording and reporting of the Societies finances, including the collection of money for membership, sales, events, as well as responsibility for any investments.
  • Curator The Curator oversees the collection by managing the acquisition, preservation and display of objects currently kept at Lydham Hall.
  • Librarian The Librarian oversees the collection of research and reading material available for members and visitors at Lydham Hall.
  • Lydham Hall Management Committee (up to 4 positions) The LHMC is a joint committee with Bayside Council and will consist of 3 councillors and up to 4 members representing the Society. Terms of reference are yet to be finalised but it is anticipated that the LHMC will manage the building and the grounds on behalf of Bayside Council and will support the SGHS in the preservation, management and interpretation of the museum. The LHMC will meet (at least) quarterly to oversee the management of the museum.
  • Lydham Hall Sub Committee (up to 4 positions) LHSC will oversee the day to day activities of the museum including being on hand for openings, setting up exhibitions and events, and general maintenance and care of the house and the collection.
  • Magazine Editor The editor co-ordinates the articles and distribution of the Society magazine, Our History, which is published quarterly.
  • Public Officer The Public Officer is required to liaise with the Department of Fair Trading and the National Charities and Not For Profits Commission for the required correspondence regarding the Societies activities.
  • Publicity Officer The Publicity Officer manages the activities related to the public face of the Society and will be responsible for marketing the aims, events and activities of the Society. The publicity officer will manage the Societies social media (Web page and Facebook page) and will liaise with the Marketing team at Bayside Council to promote the Society and Lydham Hall.
  • Research Officer The Research Officer will undertake research on behalf of the Society and respond to requests for information from members and the general public.

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